2017 Neonatal Research Initiative - Request for Proposals

Little Giraffe Foundation is now accepting grant applications for 2017!

The Little Giraffe Foundation is offering research grants in the amount of $5,000 - $10,000 for neonatal research.

We invite qualified scientists, doctors, and nurses at universities, hospitals and research institutions, to submit applications for research grants directed at addressing both the long term and immediate health needs caused by premature birth.

All applicants must be based in the United States and represent a U.S. based institution. Little Giraffe Foundation does not award grants to individuals or families.

Research subjects appropriate for support by the Little Giraffe Foundation include basic biological processes governing development, genetics, clinical studies, studies of reproductive health, environmental toxicology, and social and behavioral studies.

Potential applicants should submit a Letter of Intent addressed to the Little Giraffe Funding Committee summarizing the proposed studies. Letter of intent should be emailed to funding@littlegiraffefoundation.org with the subject of “LGF Research Funding Request”.

Applications must be sent from an email address associated with the organization requesting the funding.

Letters of Intent should be no more than 4 pages* and must include the following:


Name of the study, amount of requested funds, timeline of the study, PI(s) who will be running the study including their positions/titles/institutions, and a 100-200 word overview describing the objective.


List of specific aim or aims to be evaluated during the study.


The relevance to our mission of addressing both the long term and immediate health needs caused by premature birth as well as identifying causes of premature birth and ways to prevent this.


Amount of funding requested, including a basic budget allocation. Funds must directly support the project described. Indirect costs including PI salary, rent, utility costs, etc. are not funded.  Percent effort of the PI(s) should also be included.


The hypothesis or hypotheses to be tested.


Preliminary data.


A statement of the methods.


A plan for evaluating the results.


Current financial support: list the current financial support. If there are no other grants, state “NONE.”

* There are no specific formatting requirements for the LOI. References can be appended and will not count toward the 4 page limit.

Letters of intent must be submitted by July 14, 2017. Applications will then be evaluated by the Funding Committee and awards will be announced during the month of September.

Additional Requirements:



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