2016 Advanced Tickets - 6th Annual Cubs Rooftop Benefit

The Little Giraffe Foundation invites you join us for our 6th Annual Cubs Rooftop Event to benefit neonatal research and NICU families. Limited tickets are now available for $139. Shirts for the event can be included in your purchase for an additional $12 each.

Little Giraffe Foundation Cubs Rooftop Benefit
Sunday, May 1, 1 pm
Wrigley Rooftops, 3643 Sheffield
Beer, wine, & food are included!
Tickets: $139, event shirts $12


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This Chicago Cubs Rooftop serves as our organization’s primary annual fundraising event. Attendees get a premium Cubs game viewing experience while helping to support our cause. 

Little Giraffe Foundation has supported many Chicagoland NICU’s over the past 5 years. The funds raised by this Cubs Rooftop event will be used to continue funding Neonatal research as well as purchasing gifts for NICU families. 

Our organization focuses on supporting research aimed not only at survival, but at improving the quality of life of these preemies well beyond their days in the NICU. Our goal is to help as many former NICU babies as possible to lead normal lives in the future. To date, we have funded close to $100,000 in such research and NICU Support programs throughout the country. 

In addition, many members and supporters of our foundation have experienced first-hand what it takes to be a parent of a preemie in the NICU. This experience is frightening, overwhelming, and often times leaves parents feeling isolated and helpless. In this respect, we also provide support to these families by way of small gifts, with a focus on providing board books which allow parents to read to their babies – often the only interaction a parent can safely have with their ill child. Since our inception, we have distributed 7,000 such gifts to NICU’s both throughout Chicagoland and beyond.

Click to see pictures from the 2014 Little Giraffe Foundation Cubs Rooftop Benefit:

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Please consider donating a toy to a preemie during this particularly difficult time for families with babies in the NICU!